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At MWM Plastering & Dry Lining, we are a highly qualified team of professionals who have been involved in the rendering and plastering industries for 20 years. Consistently, we’ve been able to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction with our bespoke friendliness and reliability.

Home Construction


Established in 2013, Bedfordshire, we consist of renderers and plasterers who also specialise in dry-lining services. We have a fantastic reputation that has continued to speak highly of our tidiness and cleanliness. For this reason, we continually work at a high standard that’s worthy of you and your home and we always pay attention to the smallest detail.


We’re not only a company you can rely on but we’re a company you can trust. We’re professional in the ways that we go about our business and we work to realistic deadlines. We always remind ourselves that you’ve trusted us to make your vision come true and so MWM Plastering & Dry Lining are passionate about rising to the occasion every single time.

MWM Plastering & Dry Lining are also proud to say we serve customers in the areas of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.


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Our several years of experience, in and around Bedfordshire, are a testament to how driven we are to fulfil your requirements. We don’t just offer great services but great solutions too.

Drywall Repair and Restoration


Dry lining is an efficient process where we attach a plasterboard to the internal framework of a wall or a secondary structure that is already secured to the framework. With a strong mixture of adhesive and plaster, our dry lining specialists press the plasterboard onto the desired surface, always ensuring a secure bond has formed. This process achieves a beautiful, polished look for you to start, directly, applying your intended finishes.

Wallpaper Removal


If you’re tired of your uneven ceilings and walls, you’ll want to give us a call about our plastering service. It’s a process where we provide a layer of cement over your interior walls or ceilings, which hardens and incredibly improves the look of your structures. Additionally, it prevents the entry of rain into your walls, protecting against the appearance of dampness.


Again, like plastering, rendering involves the important process of applying a coat of cement that hardens and protects your walls. Rendering will not only improve your home’s protection against damp, but it will also help with insulation, making sure you get to enjoy the warmth of your home. Lastly, it will also do a brilliant job on improving the appearance of your home too!
You’ll need rendering if you’ve completed an extension or need external work completed.

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